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Tina Falvey, RN

I have been an RN since 2010 and have a master’s of nursing degree. I have worked as a pediatric nurse since getting my RN license. After having my own kids, I really started to notice the signs of aging and wanted to take better care of my skin. This interest led me to a career as an aesthetic nurse. I have seen great improvements in my own skin and I am excited to help you with your own rejuvenation!

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Dan Falvey, MD
I trained in Emergency Medicine but now have specialty training in aesthetic medicine and I have enjoyed transitioning into treatments that make people happy. I have a special interest in maintaining healthy aging. I focus on health optimization through genomic based precision medicine as well as beauty optimization through aesthetic medicine. I now serve as the medical director here at Rejuvenation Concierge, so I will help develop a treatment plan during your initial consultation.



Used to improve moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines. Also used above the lip for “a lip flip” or under corners of the mouth to treat downturned corners. We also perform injections for TMJ pain, or clenching grinding of the teeth and hyperhidrosis treatments (underarm sweating).



Dermal Fillers​


Your injector will select the most appropriate filler for you based on an assessment of the area of concern. Every individual is different and the filler that is right for you may depend on the degree of aging changes, fat loss, thinning of skin and tissues, and bone structure. Some treatments only require one half a syringe and some require two or more syringes to get the desired results. Different fillers vary in the way they work. We will help you choose which product you need and how much you need to achieve your desired results.


We use the SkinStylus® MicroSystem to perform microneedling. Microneedling creates tiny microchannels which stimulate collage and elastin production. When combined with special serums that contain molecules normally too big to pass through the skin later we can treat scars, stretch marks, acne and also maintain your beauty with anti-aging treatments.

PDO Threads

Absorbable PDO Threads are dissolvable suture material about the size of a fishing line. PDO (polydioxanone) threads are a safe and effective treatment to lift and tighten the skin. They can treat a variety of different areas and can have both immediate and long lasting positive effects.

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